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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I need help. Otome no Ai, for most who aren't familiar with it, is a group who loves yuri. And er, girls. :)

We've had back us up before, but now it's gone. Been long gone.

I'd really like the group to be back on its feet. It had been down for so long.

Yes, we don't speak much Japanese, nor can any of us translate. But I really loved the way we made it happen. So I'm calling out to my comrades. Help me re-launch Otome no Ai.

Thank you. I'll be waiting for all you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's been too long to count the days/months I've been idle. So I'll go right on to reviewing something yuri.. or yuri-ish... or.. yea...

My mom got me a present for my birthday! And I'm thrilled that I own an mp5 now.. LOL I'm really not a gadget person.. but I'm excited and very very happy about it.

Only prob I had was I don't have anything to watch.. You see, most of my files have been deleted (to make room for Ragnarok and.. stuff.. ) And by most files, I mean my video files.

Thank God for free downloads! And although it took some time, I (again) have Candy Boy and K-On! I'm almost finished with my Sasameki Koto vid so I'm really hyped! Now I can bring them with me to work.. haha!

As I was searching for more (since I can't get enough of yuri.. who can?) I found Kanamemo, and promised myself I'll review every episode if I liked it.

So far, I'm loving it! (By "far", I'm talking about one episode..) Since it's hard for me to download (97.0 kb/sec at most.. boooooo!) and since I need to convert it twice, then transfer to my mp5, it'll take sometime before I can fully review this series. It was released last year, I think (Don't wanna visit Wiki right now, we had an argument...) so I bet it has been reviewed already.

However, for the sake of updating this blog of mine, I'll still continue with this project! Huzzaaaahhhh! Hail Me!! ^^

** It's nice to type words I can relate to again... **

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, I'm back from outer space.. harhar!

It's awkward to start blogging again.. Makes me think back at my other posts. Oh well..

There's a couple of things I want to clarify:

One would be "Yes, I'm reviving Otome no Ai, my yuri group and Shounen no Himitsu, my yaoi group." It will be hard since I lost a few comrades. But we all need to move on, don't we? So... on with the entertainment! ^^

Second clarification would be "Yes, I'm still on half-hiatus mode". I'm working and my schedule is really not conducive to a blogger. ^^ I'll try my best though and make sure every week, atleast, I update.

I've done a lot of things outside my web life. Found a good job, met good friends, went to good places and such. I celebrated my birthday wonderfully too! I'm older now.. haha!

Anyhows, I'm still contemplating on my lack of partner in life at this point in time. I'm still in contact with my ex's but.. duh? ^^ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, eh? Pfff-- bummer.

I'll be watching Race to Witch Mountain in a bit.. so expect a review to be posted tomorrow, I guess.. Wow.. Can't remember the last time I reviewed something. Hmm...

My next projects would be new yuri animes and stuff. Yep, it's gonna be a yuri-filled April.. ho ho ho~

Well, that's about it. Laters~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Oh Why shouldn't you play Fiesta Online?? GIMME A REASON!!!!!!!!! ^__^

Friday, July 18, 2008

.. well.. not quite actually.. And I doubt that Nickelodeon would ever sway her that way.. ^_^

But seriously, Azula MUST be a lesbian!

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorites. It's an original from Nickelodeon. The story is epic! What I like the most is the 'bending' concept, the power to manipulate earth, water, fire and air. Amazingly, the animation is anime-like. Score one for the boys! ^_^

To date, it's on its third season, episode 16. Watched it, and drooled. ^_^

Quick background and character check:

Aang, the airbender and the avatar! Behold the arrow-head!
He's young-looking, but he's supposed to be 100+ years old. It was revealed to him that he is the avatar a little too early, which scared the crap out of him! Haha! ^_^ Seriously, who wouldn't be scared?? He was found enclosed in an iceberg by Sokka and Katara of the Water Tribe.
At first, he's all goofy, but along the way he realized what great catastrophe he's left behind. He's the last airbender and he now has to master all the elements to defeat the FireLord!
(..yea.. well not quite as informative, but hey! Wiki! ^_^ )
Amazing Fact: He's the avatar, that's amazing enough, eh? ^_^

Next up,

Katara of the Water tribe!Katara and Sokka lost their mother at a very young age due to the inquisition of the Fire Nation. Along with her brother, they help Aang find masters to teach him the other elements quickly and also aims to defeat the Fire Lord and end the war. Katara soon became a master in water-bending and eventually became Aang's teacher.
Amazing Fact: She can do 'blood'-bending! How cool is that?! Creepy.. but still cool! ^_^

Sokka the normal guy! ^_^
Sokka is the elder brother of Katara.. but is expectedly under the care of the latter. ^_^ He starts of as the comic relief of the group but eventually found his calling as the group's strategist. And he's actually good at planning and stuff! ^_^ He cares for his friends and has that 'normal guy' charisma.. ^_^ He soon finds himself a Fire Nation teacher, who taught him the way of the sword and although he's not that good at it, he earned his degree. ^_^ WAY TO GO SOKKA!
Amazing Fact: He bagged two hot girls so far; one is the Moon Child: Yue (who is now the moon.. ^_^) and Suki, the Konoshi Warrior leader. And I think Ty Lee likes him too.. ^_^ WAY TO GO SOKKA INDEED! ^_^

Toph the Many-Named PAWNAGE!
She joined the group as Aang's Earth bending teacher. Why many-named? Because she's been nick-named many times in the show. Amongst the many are the Blind Bandit and the Runaway. Why pawnage? Imagine a young blind girl able to control rocks.. HUGE KILLER ROCKS! With a smirk like that, you'd better think twice!
Amazing Fact: She can Metal bend! That's too much, I know! But geez! PAWN!!

Now let's check the 'bad' seeds..
A little sidenote: Since it's supposed to be good for kids, all evil deeds are excused and every bad seed here has a reason.. All the more to like about the Avatar!

Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation!
Most tragic fella I know! He was banished by his own father because he showed a hint of humanity (detail? Wiki!) and was driven to find the avatar to redeem his honor. The scar was from the Fire Lord, his own father himself! He travelled for three years with his uncle and later on, he realized that he's destiny is to help the avatar. He's Aang's Fire-bending teacher.
Amazing Fact: He's the avatar's grandson! Amazing!! Well, Aang's past self actually... ^_^

And now a peek on my Azula.. (YES! MY Azula!)

Azula the HAWTNESS!
It's not a pun because she's a fire-bender, it's just that her scheming ways are nothing but hot! She manipulates everyone and believes that 'Almost is not good enough!" Guys are intimidated by her and yet for Ty Lee, she's the perfect girl. She's Zuko's eldest sister and at her age has earned her father's trust. Earlier, she hunts the avatar, and her brother and uncle, with two other royalties; Mai and Ty Lee.
Amazing Fact: Aside form her being HAWT, she can bend pure fire: Lightning! ^_^

Meet Mai, Zuko's emo girlfriend!
And Zuko call's her 'Mei' or sounding like that instead of Mai, like in Mai Hime.. She's had nothing but worry-free life. Very emo, though, because she's taught to behave even when she was young. She's inlove with Zuko and later on betray's Azula because of that.
Amazing Fact: She can't bend! That's Amazing!! But she can throw daggers with great accuracy. ^_^

Ty Lee the Circus Girl
Ty Lee is from a rich family and yet she grew a fondness in Circus stuff so all her fighting stance and moves are agile and very flexible. She claims to look like all her sisters, and wanting to be different, separated herself from royalty and performed in a circus, until Azula came to invite her to hunt down the avatar. Like Mai, she can't bend but she can paralyze a person! She's popular with boys and Azula was even jealous of that. She admires Azula very much(not like what I'd hope for..), but also betrays her to save Mai.
Amazing Fact: She can make a person loose ability of bending for some time! ^_^ She did that to Katara and Azula..

All the other characters are great and important even, but I'm lazy.. so.. On with MY Azula!

Originally, I like Toph. I still do.. I mean, come on! A blind girl? Owning Asses? That has got to be the most amazing thing in this show!! --- Until Azula came.. ^_^

Azula is evil, or so the reviews say. But judging from what I've seen, her power-hunger urge came from a deep frustration she feels. She thinks her own mother thought she's a monster. Because of her skills, she chose to please her father who is most happy with what she's doing. She manipulates people because she doesn't want to be left alone. Proven on Season 3, Episode 15 where Mai and Ty Lee 'betrayed' her. She usually doesn't mind being betrayed, but the two girls were important to her, and it hurts I bet.

Enough jibber-jabber! Let's get this on!!

Do you think Azula's angry here?

How about here?

Well what about here?

Azula's never angry! It's her normal expression! ^_^ She's cunning and powerful, she can't help it.. ^_^

She's hot here... ooh definitely!

Azula: Aren't you coming to bed already? I have nothing on underneath this robe and I'm freezing.. Aren't you gonna do something about it?

K Y E: *gulp* I-- I'm.. on it--- *faints*

Azula: Typical..


"Whatcha lookin' at, punk? Get a life!"

Bitches come in packs.. but they come at you one by one... ^_^

Monday, July 14, 2008

Well.. another boring and gut-free day has passed me by and now I don't know what to blog.. It's been a week since I last blogged.. or.. 2 days? no.. three... No wait. 4 days?

Ah, forget it..

So.. what do you do not to get caught smoking? By your father? In your house? By the computer perched near your sala? In the afternoon?

Hehe.. well, what I do, I prepare some useful home thingies.. like, air freshener.. water... my toothbrush.. mints.. trashcan.. breath sprays... yadda yadaa... and oh! Mouthwash! ^^

In the afternoon, when I wake up (Yes.. I sleep late, so go figure...), I automatically bum around with my computer..

After several minutes, I light a cigarette and puff mindlessly..

My father is rarely home but when he feels the need to come home, he surprises everyone.

I. Hate. Surprises.

So, I always prepare myself for the worst.

When I smoke, I prepare the above mentioned... Ready in case he knocks on the door.

--- And to make sure he knocks and doesn't use his key, I lock our screen door.

And we all know screen doors have bolts instead of knobs.. So.. I lock our screen door.

To top it off, and buy me time IF he calls out, I also lock our front wooden door. So I can 'fumble' while I unlock it.. Harharhar!

I've always laughed at myself when my brother comes home from school and me thinking he's my father, would hurry up and clean the scene!

I would put out my cigarette, keep my lil shot glass (my ashtray.. ^_^ ) inside the computer cabinet thingy, drink water, gurgle mouthwash, spray the area with air freshener while munching on mints.. then spray some to myself.. grab my brush, wet my neck... panic while I'm doing all that while keeping the noise down...

... then unbolt/unlock the door, screen door and VOILA!!

Innocent K Y E brushing her teeth...

How convincing.

And to my disappointment, it's just my brother.


But on the bright side, I get to practice my 'escape route' so I won't get busted and still bum around the house, eh? hahaha ^__^

So when are you gonna get a full-time job, eh, KYE?

Hmmm... Lemme think...


Still thinking! ^__^

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yep.. that's the title!

And that's what I'm gonna do.. ^__^ So, Scoobz, since you visited my page, and I didn't expect you to visit it.. (No, seriously, I didn't... ^_^).. I will blog about YOU.



Scoobz and I have been acquaintances since my days. She's very kind as to read my MaiHime fanfiction stories. LOL.

She's also dead attracted to Shizuru.. as far as I can remember.. But then again, I might be wrong.. ^__^

She's also one of the pioneers of my group: Otome no Ai.. She's the group's official Mascot.

I can say that amongst my internet friends, Scoobz is one of the best! (You better treat me kinder now, Scoobz! =p )

Please feel free to visit her site: Doggy Thoughts.. It's filled with yuri-goodness! ^___^


Scoobz! Show yourself in Otome! I know someone out there wants to marry you!! ^___^